COVID-19 Drivers Health & Safety Policy

Sherborne Upholstery Ltd COVID-19 Drivers Health & Safety Policy.

In general, only the driver should enter his cab, this is his personal space and must be respected.

*There may be occasions when another driver needs to be present, in this scenario a face covering must be worn.*

Each driver will be supplied with re-usable face masks to wear when delivering furniture to retailers to protect themselves and the retailers due to the different scenarios they might come up against.

Hand sanitiser will be allocated to each driver to help with hand hygiene during their daily duties due to lack of hand washing facilities.

When loading unpacked returns an anti-bacterial spray that will be supplied should be applied to the product before handling.

Information will be emailed to our retailers laying out our requirements during deliveries and the measures we have put in place to protect them and our drivers. This information will also be available on our website.

Our drivers have the authority to refuse a delivery if they deem the situation they are delivering into breaches self-distancing and Company rules.

Each driver will have a laminated guide, signed by the Joint M.D, Transport Manager and Health and Safety Manager of our delivery safety requirements so they can be explained to the retailer if necessary.