Aquaclean Fabrics

Three exciting new fabric ranges for 2017 are manufactured using Aquaclean technology – the Neptune range of crushed velvets and the Atlantis and Minerva ranges of flat velvets.

What is Aquaclean?

Aquaclean is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only. This includes even the worst of household stains, such as wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate and cream, providing simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time.

Also pet-friendly

The protective coating also forms an elastic and flexible barrier to prevent pets’ claws from fraying the fibres.

How does Aquaclean work?

Aquaclean is an advanced fabric protector for upholstery of all kinds. It is a treatment which covers every fibre with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric and protects against pets’ claws from reaching the core fabric and fraying the fibres.

Rembrandt Range      

Illustrated right are Standard Settee and Chair in Neptune Silver and Slate

Keswick Range

Illustrated left is Small Recliner in Neptune Biscuit

Milburn Range

Illustrated right is Standard Fixed 2-Seater Settee in Neptune Marine with Scatter Cushions in Neptune Silver

Westminster Range

Illustrated right is Standard Chair in Atlantis Sand with Scatter Cushion in Minerva Oatmeal

Lynton Range

Illustrated right is Royale ‘Lift & Rise Recliner in Atlantis Taupe