Troubleshooting for Electrical Products

What to do if a fault occurs - electrical products only

This product is built to our highest quality standards. However, should you encounter operational problems please follow these checks before contacting your supplier.

Problem – Possible Cause Checks / Action
My chair/settee is not working
at all.
Possible cause – no power.
Check that the lights come on when the buttons are pushed.
Check if the mains plug from the chair/settee is connected to
the mains socket.
Check if the mains socket is switched on.
Check if the extension lead is connected to the transformer
and/or at the rear of the chair/settee.
Check if the extension lead is trapped or broken. Replace if
damaged. Contact your stockist for replacement.
Check if the light on the transformer is on.
Check if there is power to the socket, does another electrical
appliance work in that socket? If not, check fuse in the mains
plug and replace with a 5A fuse if required.
Has the transformer thermal cut-out activated? Switch off at
mains and leave transformer to cool down for 30 minutes. Then
reapply mains power.
If none of the above contact your stockist.
Rechargeable Recliners/Settees
Is the battery charged? Plug in the transformer and charging
lead to the mains power and connect power lead to charging
outlet at the rear of the chair/settee. If the chair/settee works
it needs to be left to charge. Ensure all leads are connected
(modular furniture in particular). If none of the above contact
your stockist.

‘Lift & Rise’ Recliners

Handset is flashing. Possible cause
– either the TouchStop system
is turned off and needs turning
back on, or there could be an
Check that the switch at the back of the handset is set to the on
position. Check if there is an obstruction from a pet or a person.
If none of these, then turn off the power to the chair, unplug the
chair lead from the transformer at the rear of the chair for
1 minute. Re-connect the lead to the chair and turn on the
power at the wall socket. Push the reset button on the chair
until it comes to rest at the seated position to fully reset the
When reset button is pressed
the chair/footrest moves in the
opposite direction instead of to
the seated position.
Possible cause – the motor is
Use the lift button function to raise or lower the chair past the
seated position and push the reset button again.
The chair should now move back to the seated position and the
reset function should have been successfully reset.